Salesforce CPQ™ Services

If you already have or are considering the Salesforce CPQ product for your business, then you should have Goativity in your corner.  

Salesforce CPQ is not a turnkey solution; it is highly customizable and can seem daunting to implement.  The crux of your company’s operations — products, pricing, product selection, quote formatting, order processing, and more — must be translated into the entities, rules, and semantics of CPQ. You may have multiple price books, complicated linkage among products and services, and regional differences. This is why Salesforce recommends engaging with a partner, if only in an advisory role, to guarantee ongoing success with the product.

We are most effective as a CPQ partner in several scenarios:

CPQ Staff Enablement

Goativity will involve and train your Sales Operations staff – helping them to understand the impact of CPQ configuration decisions on your business and how to translate your desired Pricing and Quote to Cash processes and requirements into CPQ elements.  By participating with Goativity in planning through implementation, your team will be capable of performing downstream maintenance and even structural enhancements.  This CPQ Staff Enablement scenario is the right choice for organizations who have existing dedicated Salesforce administrators or fairly technical Order Management personnel.  

SaaS CPQ Implementation

If you are a subscription software company that needs to wrestle with renewable customer contracts, minimizing churn, tracking Annually Recurring Revenue and quoting deals that ramp up over time, consider our SaaS CPQ Implementation.

No-fuss Simple CPQ Implementation

If your desired pricing model, quoting methodology, quote output and order processes are relatively simple, there should be no need to pay a partner an exorbitant fee for minor customizations. You may not want or need dedicated staff to maintain a sophisticated CPQ deployment with all the trimmings.  If a simple baseline deployment suits your need, then our No-fuss CPQ Implementation service will appeal to you.

CPQ Revamp

Perhaps you’ve been using Salesforce CPQ (or SteelBrick!) for a while and your business needs have drifted away from the processes codified into CPQ.   This happens as personnel, products, pricing models, and other factors change over time.  Unfortunately, existing staff is usually too busy to learn the system and pause their “day jobs” to make the needed changes in Salesforce.  The CPQ Revamp service is where Goativity can provide a clear pathway to success while streamlining the desired processes.