No-fuss CPQ Implementation

Perhaps you want to buy CPQ for a relatively simple product line / discounting / quoting structure, but are put off by the typical Salesforce partner approach of charging > $60,000 for the initial deployment.  I certainly was shocked when I heard a customer tell me that this was the quote from their chosen partner.   Yikes!   

For relatively simple deployments with limited or no bundles, consistent discount approaches across the whole product line, and fairly simple quote documents, we can do it for less.  Much less, in fact.  It just doesn’t take months of dedicated effort to roll this out, document it properly and train staff on adding / removing products, changing prices, and tweaking discounts.  If you would like a partner to just implement CPQ quickly and without a lot of drama – leaving behind documentation and knowledge – check out our “No-fuss CPQ Implementation” service.