CPQ Revamp

As the realities of the business (and sometimes the personnel) have shifted with time, some organizations find themselves with a CPQ deployment that needs attention to synchronize with the current needs.

Very typically, this happens when the partner / employees that knew the system have moved on, and now you’re stuck with yesterday’s functionality.   Some aspects of the system need to be updated, such as:

  • Product pricing structure, possibly including a bundling approach to existing products
  • Implementing multi-currency across the product line (No – please don’t create more Pricebooks!  It’s not needed.)
  • Product discounting structure, especially where a more realistic “street price” is now known and we want to reign in the ridiculous discount levels routinely doled out by sales team members.
  • Codifying the discounting allowed at each level of sales hierarchy through the use of CPQ’s Advanced Approvals that facilitate executive approve/reject entirely through email and without logging into Salesforce.
  • Parallel Notifications (outside of approvals) of E-suite stakeholders on deals that meet certain criteria

In cases where the business needs AND personnel have shifted, you need a partner who can discern and document the desired final state, quickly understand what was built, what can be reused, and what must be rebuilt.  Changes to the system should always be coordinated with minimal disruption to the existing flow of business.