SaaS CPQ Implementation

If you are in the Software space, you are likely to have a subscription “Software as a Service” (SaaS) offering in your product portfolio.   SAAS sales create their own complexities that Salesforce CPQ is well-equipped to streamline:

  • Co-terming deals with prorated pricing (including by days in the specific partial month) 
  • Making it easy for Sales to sell “Ramped Deals” that increase in quantity over a multi-year commitment.
  • Structuring discounts and approval processes to encourage higher Annually Recurring Revenue (ARR) in deals
  • Tracking product subscriptions for each account
  • Automatically creating renewal opportunities and providing one button quotes for all products up for renewal based on current subscriptions

For these and other issues, we’ve tackled all this before and can do it again accurately and economically for you with our SaaS CPQ Implementation.